Fuck boys.

and y’know what else, fuck the harmonic series, and anything else related to acoustics and psychoacoustics. This report has turned into a novel and I’m fed up of it now.

"If a boy ever says, you remind me of someone - don’t fall in love with him. You will never be anything more than second best."

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Always end up down O’neills when I go into Northampton. At least the staff there now know what I drink, and how I like it I guess.

(I’m fancying pub right now because Acoustics is stressing me out)


boys who moan during sex make it 500% better

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Used to find car shopping fun, now it’s kinda getting boring.
But, new car is always nice…


I wanna run my fingers through your hair when we are cuddling but pull it when I’m fucking you.

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